• Sing Me Amazing Grace6:40

Our Vision
Our vision is seeing direct connections between Jesus Christ and the western culture and providing access to the blessings of our Lord and Savior. We want to provide an arena, a place of worship, a place of solitude for individuals that want to have a closer walk with God. We are looking and are expectant that we can acquire property for all things Cowboy Church. We want to provide access for youth, women and men to come together in the name of Christ and be able to talk and walk freely in His name while learning what it means to Accept being a Christian and a Believer. We pray that we can offer more access to a Christian foundation in this community and surrounding areas and arenas.

Our Mission
High Point Cowboy Church displays the love of Christ and connects people with Jesus through relationships. High Point Cowboy Church is a non-denominational Bible based church located in West, Texas. Our mission is to reach, guide and lead individuals who are lost and unchurched in their walk with Jesus Christ in the western heritage culture. We pray for those individuals to receive a personal relationship that offers salvation through Jesus Christ and in doing so, glorifying God in all things, utilizing the gifts and blessings He has given us to fulfill His commission of making disciples.

High Point Cowboy Church